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Pre Shoot

Why we always do a Wedding Pre Shoot

We have already found that one of the most valuable things we do is our Pre Shoots, which as the name would suggest is a preparation session for the big day. In a recent photography session for Hannah and Ed, we went to their venue and house and Hannah started the shoot in a white dress with a bunch of flowers. The white dress was one she just liked (not the real thing) but a nice dress, and the flowers were a simple set of flowers that were simple held together in a mock boquette.

The idea was simple, lets see what you look like when you have your picture taken in a white dress, holding a bunch of flowers.

Hannah Pre Wedding Shoot

Hannah Pre Wedding Shoot

Now, I’m going to guess that most of you don’t know what you would look like in this situation, and as such, it really isn’t a great idea to wait until your big day to find that out.

Most the people we have spoken to are not aware of having any pictures taken in a white dress, and as such the effect that this colour has in a picture.

We have also found that most people do not feel comfortable in front ¬†of a camera. They don’t know how to stand or how to pose. You may think you have a great Blue Steel look, but until you really get a full set of posed pictures, you may not really know how that special look really comes across.

You may also not be aware that a small change in body shape and angle, can make a dramatic difference to the way you come across in the picture.

Most of us have an element about ourselves we would prefer are not caught on camera. For some people this is arms, or legs for others it might be ears, noses or multiple chins. And although we say the camera never lies, we can change the angle, perspective or body line and shape, to compliment the nice parts and disguise the other parts. Sometimes some clever lighting can help, and on other occasions we can use props or items.

The process is very subjective, but the only opinion that is important is yours.

The aim of the pre shoot, is to discuss, discover and be honest about the things you like in an image and things you would really rather not get seen.

This session is so valuable to you, and will change the way you act and re act on your big day.

The following picture is of Ed on his pre shoot.

Hannah and Ed Pre Wedding Shoot

You can see the slouching, leg out and direct gaze at the camera. Having seen this on our pre shoot we made a few changes and suggestions and as a result we ended up with the following

Hannah and Ed on the Wedding Day


The thing that was most enjoyable about the process, was when Ed said “I’m glad we did that, I fee so much better in front of a camera”

This is the aim, and the main point of this session. We practice, we adjust, we improve

After all, the key to a great result is all about the preparation.



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