Our Little Fairies

Green Screen

Fun with our Green Screen

We have bought a green screen and as a result we thought we would have a bit of fun while testing it.

So after setting it all up we took a number of pictures with our girls dressed up as Fairies (Tinkerbell and Silvermist – I was informed)

Once I had the pictures I could use photo shop to remove the background. The technique is called Chroma Key and has been used in film for a long time now, so natural it has moved into digital photography. The idea is to use a background that can be quickly highlighted and replaced or removed. As a result either Blue or Green are used. There is no reason to choose one over the other, except when you are shooting something green, you should use blue and visa-versa. (This was something I learnt while editing my little fairies, of which I had one blue and yes you guessed it, one green)

You may well have seen this technique used while they put together the weather broadcast. For more info about Chroma Key – click here

So I started with a few shots of the girls

Little Fairies

Silvermist on Green

Tinker on Green

So once we had a few shots, I started the edit process in Photoshop. And even though there was a lot of creases in the green screen, I was surprised at how well it managed to separate the subject from the background. It was harder that it should have been as I was green on green, but this was supposed to be a practice.

Flying Pirate Fairy

Floating Fairy Princess

After I got all the pictures I wanted I started to add them to Photoshop and then added a little details and a few clever techniques to make them look a little more natural.

The end result was as follows.

Our Little Fairies
Our Little Fairies

I’m well chuffed

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