Wedding Photo Book

Wedding Photo Book

Wedding Photo Book

One of the best progressions in modern printing has been the personalised photo wedding book.

The history of the photobook starts from the dawn of photography, but was out of reach for most of us unless we went to print and needed 100’s of copies.

The more common method was to create a book from a blank empty shell of a thing and add your own photo’s. I sue most of you will still have that special family album around somewhere.

I can remember all the pain of printing all those pictures and then placing them in photo pockets, or using special picture sticky corners. , or even just glueing them. I have use some books that simply had a gluey surface to push the photo’s against. All of which were quite horrible and not very flexible.

The modern version is so much nicer to put together, so much more flexible and a lovely thing to hold and look through. It come in various sizes and can now be viewed online, with no need to print it at all.

We have put together Hannah’s photobook and we are delighted with the results –


We choose one of the outside shots for the front cover that we all loved, which was the shot outside the venue, taken on a slow exposure without any fill lighting. Just to capture the lights from the venue and a little of the evening mist over the water.

Wedding Photo Book
Front cover of this amazing wedding photo book


And I adjusted another picture in Photoshop to give this amazing pencil drawing effect. The detail in the eyes are amazing.

This became the back cover

Wedding Drawing
Wedding Drawing. Wedding Photo Book.



We then managed to arrange over 300 pictures into an A3 book. Although it took 68 pages to achieve that.

I upgraded the paper to the highest weight available and set if off with a matt cover finish for the hardback covers.


The overall result was amazing


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