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This page is an example of the type of pictures we take. The pictures are designed to tell and capture the story of the day. I feel it is more important to capture the mood of the day, rather than the taking an age to pose the perect three shots. This way you can enjoy your wedding day, while the photographer captures what happens for you. (We will also do a few posed shots – don’t panic) This natural approach is a lot less intrusive, and will capture those great little moments. You will also notice their are a few detail shots. The macro shots of the small details that help to add the detail to the day and ensure the little things you did to get your wedding, just so. Don’t get missed or forgotten. We hope you like the example, although your wedding will be planned and photographed, just the way you want it.

Please feel free to browse through these wedding pictures.

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You will notice that these images are on our Flickr account


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