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VW Wedding Bus

Our VW Wedding Bus

I was asked if I would mind taking a few people to a wedding in my 1973 VW Wedding Bus (as it will now be called – well it has many names). So after a little clean and a polish I popped her ribbon on and she was ready for her big day…. (The Camper that is)

I’m really quite pleased with the how she looked. Considering her age, she looked as good as new.


Our VW Wedding Bus
Our VW Wedding Bus

Maybe I’ll use her for other wedding events.

As it turned out, I was giving a few of the lads a lift to the Church. So with a fridge full of beers, we hit the road and gentle cruised to the wedding venue. We were following a red Porsche 911 for a while. I say a while, as it was just a little quicker than my air cooled 1600 camper.

When we got to the venue, we almost had a mini classic car show. With a classic, and fully restored Vauxhall Viva. I have to say, it really did look in mint condition, probably better than new.


liam and jenna (21 of 126)-2



To add to the classic car show, the groom arrived in a Porsche 911 (well before me).. To which the statement from the Uncle was “Arrive to your wedding and single man in a Porsche and leave a married man in a Vauxhall”   Wise words I would say.


liam and jenna (25 of 126)


Well if you’re going to – do it in style…  And leave in the best Vauxhall around.


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If you are looking for a classic VW Camper van to use for your wedding (and you live near by) then I might be able to help you out. For a small charge of course — well I have to pay for the constant list of part that she seems to go through, some how.

I have wondered weather it would work to do a wedding transport and photography shoot all in one. Maybe worth a discussion if that what you wanted for your wedding day. In which case contact me at



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