My History and Background

My dad put a camera in my had when I was 8, and as a result I have always joked that I was born with a camera in my hand. But I guess it is true, I have been taking pictures since black and white, and before Polaroid. My first camera had a separate hand held light meter. Should have kept that camera, really.

Even at school, in photography classes, I was running the class and used to help teach the class.

So I was the guy that took my camera everywhere we all went – (I’ll add some of those old pictures when my friends tell me it’s ok) – I have a collection of snaps, memories and some amazing photo’s

I really love to capture a moment, and try to get a story in an image

The perfect picture captures the people involved at a moment in time that they were not expecting, but often at a point they were telling a story or explaining an idea or expressing an emotion. That unexpected moment, that a person or group could say, weren’t you……. They are magic moments, and treasured images

Having taken around a million pictures, I though it was time to put this hobby on line to be judged, improved and enjoyed. As such I’ve started the process of moving from hobbyist to paid professional, and over the last few years that has started to grow.

The intention now is to build on my portfolio and help capture some amazing memories and beautiful images for others.

Please do look through my portfolio and get in touch if you have any questions or comments.




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