Amazing Location Sometimes it would be impossible not to get a great shot, when the location you are shooting from, is stunning. Getting to the location, is the trick Amazing Location Some wedding are truely dramatic and as a result have an amazing location. If you have decided on your amazing location then feel free to contact us on  
Known as the EXIF Timestamps – Timestamp change I have found that while shooting with two camera’s that it is really important to set the time on both before starting a shoot. I found out the hard way, well is there any other way… Having shot a wedding and imported the three memory cards of photo’s into Lightroom. I found they were all in a strange order, which I wondered if it would matter, until I
If you were 2 years old, this is how high this amazing building in Ashridge would look Changing the viewing point and the perspective can make all the difference to the way an image looks
Eclipse 2015
I was Over the Moon with my Eclipse photo’s. Eclipse 2015 It was all set to start at on March 20th 2015 and come through the UK around 8:40 (depending on where you live) So I thought I would take the day off work and travel up to Dunstable Downs (after dropping my daughter of at school) and see if I could get a good shot of this really rare event. Given the weather had