Wedding Photo Book
Wedding Photo Book One of the best progressions in modern printing has been the personalised photo wedding book. The history of the photobook starts from the dawn of photography, but was out of reach for most of us unless we went to print and needed 100’s of copies. The more common method was to create a book from a blank empty shell of a thing and add your own photo’s. I sue most of you
Pre Shoot
Why we always do a Wedding Pre Shoot We have already found that one of the most valuable things we do is our Pre Shoots, which as the name would suggest is a preparation session for the big day. In a recent photography session for Hannah and Ed, we went to their venue and house and Hannah started the shoot in a white dress with a bunch of flowers. The white dress was one she
Stiff Lego Plastic Poses
The Big Day – Weddings It’s not easy preparing everything and getting everything organised, the last this you want to worry about is the photographer. So we look at this differently and we spend a lot of time on the prep, and as a result we go out on a practice shoot, not only to get you used to being in front of a camera, but to play with some shots and different angles to
Wedding Bus
Our VW Wedding Bus I was asked if I would mind taking a few people to a wedding in my 1973 VW Wedding Bus (as it will now be called – well it has many names). So after a little clean and a polish I popped her ribbon on and she was ready for her big day…. (The Camper that is) I’m really quite pleased with the how she looked. Considering her age, she looked
Light Stalker Logo
This is now the latest version of our New Logo Light Stalker Logo   I have made some further changes to the Logo, and added the just under the R I was finding that people would remember the name, but end up on a US website – although a great website, nothing to do with us. This New Logo works well on a darker background as well as on a plain background, thanks to